Croatian Ivan Ljubicic, a former tennis player, pointed out that Roger Federer is the best tennis player of all time.

Once the third player on the planet appreciates what Novak Djokovic has done, but Roger is the only one for him.

“Who is the best in history? For me, this is the one that has had the greatest impact on the sport he plays. I may not be objective, but there is a big difference between being the best or the most successful. Djokovic is more successful, but look at the example of Michael Jordan and you will know what I am talking about. He does not have the most titles in history, but everyone considers him the greatest. So, Novak’s results do not exceed what Federer did,” began Ljubicic.

Then he further explained his position.

“I admire Novak’s determination, the fire in his eyes, his persistence… His daily search for balance and his ability to feed on the negative things around him, it’s amazing. He is always looking for an extra boost. However, no one will come close to Roger in terms of how much he gave to tennis. The man was the most popular player on the tour for 19 years in a row. I doubt that there are people in sports who were loved as much and who influenced people as much as Roger did,” concluded Ljubicic.


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