Djokovic in another category ahead of Nadal and Federer, but far behind the undisputed Marat Safin

Novak Djokovic broke his racket during the final match at Wimbledon, which eventually went to Carlos Alcaraz.

The Serbian tennis player was fined around 8,000 euros for that incident.

Earlier in his career, Djokovic was able to unleash anger on the racket, and statistics show that he has broken the racket 54 times so far.

That is a far greater number than the biggest competitors, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

The Spaniard did it only once, while the Swiss broke his racket 11 times during his career.

The absolute record holder is Marat Safin, who broke his racket over 700 times in his 12-year career.

For the sake of comparison, Djokovic broke 54 rackets in his entire career so far, and Safin broke 48 rackets in 1999 alone.

In front of the Serbian tennis player are John McEnroe with 78 broken rackets, while Serena Williams broke the racket 72 times.

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