KRAJINOVIC ANNOUNCES THE END: I think you have understood everything from this context what I am going to announce soon

Filip Krajinovic announced after a painful defeat by Frances Tiafoe in three sets, with a score of 6:3, 6:4, 6:2.

The Serbian tennis player points out that he will soon announce very important decisions regarding his career.

  • I mean, I got hit in the throat right at the beginning. She bothered me a little about breathing. However, that’s not why I lost. It’s an easily bad streak in my career that has no end, and I’m just having a hard time with all of this. All kinds of things go through my head and thoughts. I will soon announce some news about my career, it may be unexpected, but soon everyone will find out what will happen – Krajinovic pointed out and added:
  • For a sequel, even more work, motivation, a team of people, all kinds of things are needed. I get lost in all this for a long time, I’m very unhappy on the field. I repeat again, it’s getting harder and harder for me to win, my game, which was aggressive, has disappeared. It’s not me anymore on the field and everything is starting to bother me a lot.

Filip thought about many things, but a break is still not a good option.

  • All kinds of things come to my mind. I thought about taking a break, however, age does not allow it. I am 31 years old. Any longer break would be more and more difficult to get back as I lose rank. I would have to play weaker tournaments, and I don’t see myself in that. I think that from this context you have understood everything that I will announce soon – concluded Filip Krajinovic.

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