Ivanišević revealed Djokovic's goals

Goran Ivanišević spoke about Novak Djokovic and his next goals.

-” He played brilliantly, especially in Astana. It’s like he didn’t take a break at all, and he hasn’t been in tournaments since Wimbledon. Everything related to some kind of records is interesting to Novak. The question remains how long he will play and how long it will last, but in the current moment, I am sure that he could attack those records as well.” – began Goran.

-“He was always physically fit, that was never a problem, and if he stays like that, I am convinced that for three more years he could stay at the top or near the top and fight for all the titles – said Ivanišević, and that in reference to the fact that Novak Djokovic, who won the 90th title, can also reach the three-digit number of trophies that only Roger Federer (103) and Jimmy Connors (109) have.”

It is still not certain that Nole will play in the Masters tournament in Paris.

-” It is clear that he will play in Turin, but the question remains whether he will go to Paris before that.”

The Australian Open was not played for Djokovic either.

– “Since nothing has changed in his thinking about the vaccine, we need to see what and how the Australians will decide.” – Goran Ivanišević concluded.

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