"If he wanted to, Djoković could have won all three sets 6:0…"

Frenchman Alexandre Muller was defeated by Novak Djokovic in the first round of the US Open, and after the match he shared his impressions of playing against the best tennis player in the world.

Djokovic won the first set without losing a game in just 25 minutes, and Muller points out that he believed in his game. Although it was easy for him – it wasn’t.

“My time went very slowly because I couldn’t win that first game, but at the same time it went by quickly because the set lasted about 25 minutes. Of course, I asked myself those small questions, I had my doubts, but at the same time, I, like the other players, know that we have a certain level in the game and that the games will come with time,” said the Frenchman to “L’Equipe”.

Before Djoković, Muller also crossed rackets with Alcaraz at Wimbledon, and the comparison of playing against the two current best players in the world was interesting.

“They play completely differently. I also talked about it with my coach. Against Alcaraz, I knew I was going to win games. He tries hard to play in a variety of ways, which is why he makes more mistakes. But against Novak, I felt like he could have won all three games 6-0 if he wanted to. He is so constant, solid in the game, he doesn’t give away any points and for me that is more difficult. At Alcaraz, I had a little more space to win games,” Muller concluded.

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