Dominic Thiem announces shock retirement

The established tennis athlete from Austria Dominic Thiem is set to retire from his professional journey by this season’s end. The top of his career was achieved in 2020, but persistent injuries have hindered his progress. A wrist condition coupled with a deep-seated intuition compelled him to decide on his retirement after this season. Notably, Thiem has scored victories against the famed ‘Big Three’ – Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer.

Dominic Thiem’s crowning moment came when he triumphed over Alexander Zverev at the 2020 US Open final. This win, unfolding amidst a pandemic with no crowd cheering in the stadium, marked his highest point as a tennis player. After this victory, however, his attempts to recapture his prime form remained unsuccessful. Wrist injuries, especially on his right hand, proved to be his downfall.

“The curtain falls on my career with this season’s end,” he declared. Thiem made this announcement via a video message shared across social media platforms. This is how the Austrian chose to break the news to his fans and the global tennis fraternity about his decision not to continue as a pro player beyond this season.

In the video, Thiem attributes his premature retirement primarily to his wrist condition. But that’s not the sole reason. He also made mention of an “inner calling” that directed him towards this decision.

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