A solution to improve driver visibility in wet conditions has not yet been discovered by Formula 1.

In the previous year, initial experiments conducted on wheel covers, also known as ‘mudguards’, with the intention of minimizing the spray plumes caused by cars, did not yield successful results.

Last week, Ferrari collaborated with the FIA to experiment with enhanced fenders on the artificially-watered Fiorano circuit.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, a variety of options were experimented with, both on the front and back axles.

According to correspondent Tobias Gruner, the photos captured by paparazzi at the track’s edge do not suggest a notable advancement has been made.

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According to the speaker, there is concern that the modern ground effect cars, with their big wheels and large diffuser, create a suction force that pulls water from the road and sends it flying into the air.

According to Gruner, covering the rear end of the underbody is not as simple as covering the wheels.

It is likely that the FIA will need to conduct additional tests in order to reach a suitable resolution. In the meantime, we can only hope that the weather conditions will favor Formula 1.

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