Novak Djokovic announced after the news that, unlike last year, he will be able to participate in tournaments in Australia, including the Australian Open!

The Serbian tennis player experienced a great inconvenience last year.

The authorities of the mentioned country decided to play with one of the best players in history and after a long struggle, deport him from Australia.

Now things have changed, and Djokovic is understandably very happy about this turn of events.

  • I was very happy when I received that news. It’s a relief after all that I and people close to me have been through this year in Australia and beyond. Did it affect my game today? I’d like to believe so, why not? However, I don’t think it’s too much, because I know how I should prepare for the match – said Novak, then added.

  • Now that everything is clear, I know how to organize the preparations, so the pressure has been removed from me and my team. The Australian Open is my most successful Slam, I made some great memories there and of course, I want to go back there to play tennis.

As he says, hunger still exists.

  • I always have something to prove – first to myself, and then to others. Whenever we go out on the pitch, eyes are on us, there are expectations. I’ve had a really good career and most are always expected, it’s a lot of pressure. It is not easy to deal with, but it is the privilege of this position. I want to continue. I don’t feel the end is near because I feel good mentally and physically. I am motivated, I will continue to work – Djokovic concluded.

Do you think Novak can reach another Australian Open?

Do you think Novak can reach another Australian Open?


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