NFL ANALYSIS: Saints "kryptonite" for Brady, the first defeat of the Cardinals!

The eighth week in the NFL is over, and it is already possible to crystallize who is ready to enter the playoffs and who is not. In this week’s matches, there were a lot of surprises, outwitting, but also convincing results.

Unfortunately, Sunday was also marked by injuries ibncluding several players who are key to their teams, so they will have to play without them in the future.

The Arizona Cardinals suffered their first defeat of the season, they lost against the decimated Green Bay Packers (24:21), who entered the game without the two main receivers, Davante Adams and Allen Lazard. Although the team from Phoenix was a slight favorite in this match, Aaron Rodgers showed once again that he can dominate without “big time” receivers and managed to defeat the best team in the league. He managed to score two touchdowns and a nearly 200-yard pass, with no intercepted ball.

When the Titans and Colts play, it is always uncertain until the very end. It was played until the last second, and the team from Tennessee took the victory (34:31), but they paid a high price, because the first star of the team, Derrick Henry, was injured, who will miss a large part of the season. He is expected to return in the playoffs. He injured his foot and needs to be operated on, followed by a break of six to ten weeks. To make up for the shortcoming, they did not spare an hour and signed veteran Adrian Peterson.

On the other hand, the team from Indianapolis held up well but was defeated due to big mistakes by Carson Wentz, who played recklessly and also threw two interceptions.

The Miami Dolphins players managed to endure the first half (3:3) with the Bills, but in the continuation, the team from Buffalo was much better and celebrated with a convincing result of 26:11. Josh Allen has shown that he is doing great on both fronts. The Bills quarterback threw over 250 yards with a pass with two touchdowns and 55 yards won by running with points.

Jets’ first quarterback Zach Wilson was injured and was replaced by Mike White, who played an incredible game. The reserve threw over 400 yards with three touchdowns and led the team from New York to victory over Cincinnati (34:31).

After the defeat, the Bengals lost the leading position in the division, they lacked a dose of luck, Joey Burrow was solid, but that was not enough to win, and the Jets surprised with a great game.

The Steelers found themselves in big trouble when they were left without kickers at the beginning of the duel with the Browns, so they could not catch the strings with the special team. However, they managed to triumph with the result of 15:10. The team from Cleveland continued to move away from the playoffs. Starting quarterback Baker Mayfield had solidly thrown yards but did not score a touchdown. Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry returned from the Cleveland team, but they missed Kareem Hunt a lot.

Philadelphia was also more than convincing in Detroit. The Eagles celebrated with 44:6, and it is fascinating that the Lyons did not score points until the fourth quarter. The guests from Pennsylvania play changeably, one game they score 15 points, while the other they are close to 50. They used all the mistakes of the Lions in defense and mostly scored points by running.

The Los Angeles Rams kept a good pace throughout the entire game with Houston, and at one point they led 38:0, and in the fourth quarter, the Texans scored 22 points, but there was no time for a turnaround. The team from Texas is quite weakened, Mark Ingram has been brought back to the Saints, the team is in the process of making it, so they will certainly not be at the top for several seasons. They recorded only one victory from seven matches with six defeats.

Matthew Stafford had the third game with three or more touchdowns, and he transferred over 300 yards, he cooperated best with Cooper Kupp, who caught over 100 yards, and according to analysts, he is on his way to breaking Kevin Jones’ record for the number of yards caught.

The Rams are going for all or nothing this season, they traded a few peaks of the second and third rounds, in order to bring Von Miller into their ranks, who will play side by side with Aaron Donald from next week, making the Los Angeles team’s defense impassable.

49ers’ Rolekoster, who play one game great and score over 30 points, while the other catastrophically score only 10, and so on in a circle. They defeated the Bears with 33:22, but they are currently on three wins and four defeats, so the question is how many chances they will have to qualify for the playoffs.

Chicago’s young quarterback Justin Fields showed that he can be dangerous from the ground, as much as from the air, he ran over 100, while he transferred almost 200 yards from the belt with two touchdowns.

On the other hand, one great game by Jimmy Garoppolo, former reserve player Tom Brady, who transferred 300 without interceptions, while Deebo Samuel caught 170 yards. The Bears are a team that has the potential for later, but they are not currently a “caliber” for the playoffs.

Legendary coach Bill Belichick defeated the favored Chargers team in a game of nerves. His Patriots triumphed with a score of 27:24, Justin Herbert played a solid game, but in the end, he gave the victory to the New England team because he threw two interceptions, which in the end cost them dearly.

The Seahawks celebrated after three consecutive defeats, they were better than Jaguars 31:7. Great game for Gene Smith, who had only four incomplete passes. Seattle receiver Tyler Lockett, who had 12 catches for 142 yards, finally woke up. On the other hand in the Jacksonville team, a “small victory” for the trek of Trevor Lawrence, who scored a touchdown and transferred over 200 yards.

The Saints seems to be the kryptonite for Tom Brady. The team from New Orleans was left without the starting quarterback Jameis Winston in the second quarter when he tore the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. He was replaced by Trevor Siemian, who led his team two quarters to victory over Tampa Bay.

The legendary Brady played the game in his manner, almost 400 yards, with four touchdowns, but he also threw two interceptions, which cost the Buccaneers a victory.

An incredible match between the Cowboys and the Vikings, where Dallas was led by Cooper Rush, who has had only two completed passes so far in his career, but this time he excelled with 325 yards and two touchdowns. His team celebrated with a score of 20:16. He managed to connect receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb, a duo, who showed that they are still in the top five receivers in the league.

Just when everyone thought Minnesota was making its way to the playoffs, in addition to all the active starters, they failed to beat Dallas, which is currently the best team in the national conference, with almost six wins and one defeat, all without starting quarterback Dak Prescott.

After a great start, the black series of the Broncos followed, but it was interrupted by the victory over Washington 17:10. The team from Denver celebrated in this duel, and Melvin Gordon, who had two touchdowns, became famous. This is the last game for the team from Colorado with Von Miller in the lineup, and from next week they will be significantly weakened, with the departure of the players.

As for Washington, which was expected to have a great defense this season, but they are still far from that and have to work hard to fix it.

Kansas City triumphed over the Giants (20:17), and they reached the celebration thanks to Harrison Butker’s field goal in just over one minute until the end in a duel in which he showed the game far below his level, with a new double-digit number of errors.

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