XAVI PROJECT: A light of salvation for Barcelona or another one in a series of misses?

We are just waiting for some small details on the Barcelona-Al Sadd route to be resolved, so that Xavi can officially return to the club where he spent his entire playing career. However, this time in a completely different role.

With his departure to exotic Qatar in July 2015, Xavi led the ball for another four years, and two years ago he decided to follow the path of many former football players and start coaching.

Xavi didn’t start badly at all. He won practically everything he could with Al Sadd, but Qatar is far from serious football.

It is known that something like this mostly lives in Europe. As in some parts of South America. Xavi has yet to prove coaching talent and value.

True, the legendary midfielder does not come to the best environment in Catalonia. The club is in huge financial problems, there are not many top class players (although there are talents), the results do not suit the club’s reputation, and the game is, to put it mildly, shaky.

Xavi is coming to a place where there are a lot of problems, but if it weren’t for that, Kuman would probably still be the coach of Barcelona… But a new era is starting soon.

What is in addition to the inexperience of Xavi’s flaws is that in his, or somewhat older generation, there are not many bright examples of coaches who have succeeded. And many have really tried.

Will Xavi succed with the Barca? (PHOTO: Guliver)

We will mention some, although we are sure that there are others who deserve to be mentioned. Perhaps it would be best to open the circle from Kuman.

After a great playing career as a coach, he belongs to the pure average. He did nothing in Southampton. Not to mention Barcelona…

If we exclude from the equation the trophy in the King’s Cup with Barcelona last year (which is objectively small for a club of that size), the last cup that Kuman won as a coach was back in 2009 ?! Then, with Az Alkmaar, he also won the Cup of the Netherlands only…

We also have the example of Ole Gunnar Solskjer, who can barely hold on to the United bench with his fingernails, who, despite the strong millions of euros invested, does not look like a candidate for the title in England.

While we’re on the Island, there’s Wayne Rooney. The former United striker took over the Derby, which is going through the worst period in history, and he also did nothing worth mentioning.

Frank Lampard had success with Derby. He brought them to the threshold of the Premier League, which enabled him to transfer to Chelsea.

The “blues” played one of the best football in Europe. They also promoted the game of kids like Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Abraham, Tomori, James… But, there were no results, so bringing Tuhel won the Champions League.

Another very big name to try out as a coach is Thierry Henry. The most famous club that coached was Monaco, where he saw the door faster than he entered through it.

He went to Montreal, although it is a clear indication that he is not for the highest level of European football. However, Roberto Martinez, who is an assistant on the bench of the Belgian national team, believes in him.

Gennaro Gattuso has not managed to stand out for now either. He had two attempts with Milan and Napoli to do something and both times he failed for the Champions League. Only now, with the arrival of Pioli and Spalletti, it can be seen how the two teams should play.

We also have the example of Patrick Vieira, who was really terrible in Nice, although he shows some signs of improvement in Crystal Palace (scalp for the weekend against City – 2: 0). True, it is difficult to classify the “eagles” in a serious level not only in Europe but also in England “

On the other hand, we should remember the case of Zinedine Zidane, who brought Real Madrid two tied Champions League titles.

In Spain, there is also Diego Simeone, who transformed Atletico Madrid from an average team into a two-time champion of Spain and a two-time Champions League finalist.

Speaking of the Spaniards, there is also Pep Guardiola, who is considered one of the most respected coaches in the world, although he has not won the Champions League for over a decade, while the titles in Germany and England can be said to be “expected”.

Somewhere a little lower in reputation is Steven Gerrard, who dominates Scotland with the Rangers, although he also has to bite a much bigger cake in order to see the real reach of the Liverpool legend.

All in all, there are two pats in front of Xaxi. Same as in front of Barcelona. Either both sides will rise and shine or fill more than ever.

Time will tell which category of former players as coaches will Xavi join…

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