Maltese teams continue to excel in World Pool Championships

The Maltese teams continued to achieve a number of victories in the World Pool Championships and with one day left to play they are certain to have made it through to the knockout stages.

The men’s team won 12-9 over New Zealand and is now certain of a place in the finals which will be played tomorrow at noon Malta time.

The under-18 team picked up a good rhythm and achieved four consecutive victories against Ireland A 7-2, Scotland A 6-3 and against the two teams of Northern Ireland A and B 6-3 so that it is now in first place in the group together with the Australian and South African teams.

The Over 50’s team got their last win over South Africa 9-6 and got a place in the semi final against the English national team, a game that will be played tomorrow at 8 pm Malta time.

The Maltese men’s doubles teams. Clayton Castadi and Gary Carr as well as Dejan Grech and Ryan Pisani have qualified for the semi finals where they will meet against English teams with the game scheduled for tomorrow at 1.30 pm Malta time.

The Maltese Over 50’s doubles team also made it to the semi finals. Ray Caruana and Antoine Aquilina will be in action against the team from Australia with the game being played tomorrow at 4.30 pm Malta time.

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