A CLEAR MESSAGE TO THE GLAZERS: Thousands of people in front of the United stadium forced the owners out of the club! (VIDEO)

Before the big English derby between Manchester United and Liverpool, thousands of “red devils” fans gathered with only one goal – to send a message to the Glazer family that it’s time to sell the club!

United have been wandering for too long. From the choice of coach, disastrous transfers, which also reflected in the results of the players on the field.

This summer, a new era was supposed to begin with coach Eric Ten Hag, who so far only received four reinforcements this summer. And she didn’t show anything either…

And so, the scenes in front of “Old Trafford” that should worry the owners of the club:

The Glazers are asked to sell United to someone who will have more sense and ear for the needs of the club and above all – the team.

The protest ended peacefully, but there is no doubt that the fans of the “red devils” will not stop there. And since the Glazers probably won’t listen to their pleas, it seems that we’ll see scenes like this (or similar ones) yet…

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