TADIC AFTER THE ANNIVERSARY 'HUNDRED': Every match in the Serbian jersey is special to me

The captain of the Serbian football team, Dusan Tadic, spoke to the media after the victory over Lithuania in Kaunas, where he played his 100th match for Serbia.

The Eagles won 1:3 and are once again tied for first place in Group G of the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

“The most important thing is to win. We wanted to show the reaction, the good game of Serbia, after that defeat against Hungary. That’s how it was in the first half. We scored one goal, then the second, the third, we didn’t want to stop. The conceded goal cut us off a bit, and then we didn’t manage to give the desired fourth, fifth.” said Tadic.

In this match, he registered his 38th assist in the jersey of the national team.

“It’s not bad, but I didn’t count them. The most important thing for me is victory. We have to go to the European Championship, after a long time.” commented the Fenerbahce player.

He was then asked to choose his favorite match out of exactly 100, as many as he had in the national jersey.

“I don’t have a favorite because when you play for the national emblem, every game is special. It’s not a phrase or nonsense. When you go out on the field and hear the national anthem, you are proud, it’s a special feeling.” concluded Tadic.

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