PIKSI ON THE CHANGES IN THE COMPOSITION: Those who are smart will understand

Serbian football coach Dragan Stojkovic Piksi spoke after the victory over Lithuania about the changes in the team.

In the duel against Lithuania, Piksi made as many as five changes in the lineup, compared to the match against Hungary from the previous round.

The “Eagles” won 1:3 in Kaunas and once again reached the “pole position” of Group G of the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

“We definitely met the set goals in all segments of the game. What I told the players before the match, the most important things are motivation and running. Today, if you do not have that level of running, capacity as an opponent, and if you are not motivated properly, it will be very difficult against any team. What makes me especially happy is the relationship, and there was a phenomenal reaction from all the players. They were determined to win this match in their favor. I think that we dominated in all elements of the game, that we were better, showed the level we should have. We also showed responsibility, namely responsibility towards the national jersey, and we also showed how to react in the right way.” Piksi said.

He made as many as five changes in the lineup compared to the match from the last round, when they lost in Belgrade against the Hungarian selection.

“He who is smart will understand. I also said that there will be changes in the team, that there will be tactical corrections. Everything that was done tonight was done in a perfect way.” concluded the coach of Serbia.

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