Eder Militao keeps Real Madrid in limbo due to a recent injury. The grimaces he made, the anger and tears we witnessed while he was lying on the field do not bode well.

Carlo Ancelotti is always careful in such cases, but this time he did not hide his concern for the condition of his best central defender, who will undergo medical examinations today to determine how serious the injury he suffered is.

The Italian coach spoke about a possible dislocation and at the press conference did not rule out that the ligaments were affected.

“It doesn’t look good and we will assess it in the next few hours. We hope it’s nothing serious, but we’re worried and we’re not ruling anything out.” said the sad Ancelotti at the press conference.

It is expected that the extent of the injury to Eder Militao, the defensive mainstay who could leave the back row even weaker two days after learning that Courtois will miss practically the entire season, will be definitively known by tomorrow at the latest.

Madrid, which can’t even count on the injured Ceballos, Guler and Mendy, is on the verge of waiting for the Brazilian’s medical results.


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