Pochettino: "We want fair refereeing"

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino addressed the referees directly ahead of the EFL Cup final against Liverpool tomorrow at 4 p.m.

The Reds and the Blues will fight for the first trophy of the season, and the importance of the match is evident in Mauricio Pochettino’s appeal to the referees to allow the better team to win.

The Argentine coach wasn’t satisfied with the refereeing in the previous match between Liverpool and Chelsea played at Anfield and sent an open message to the refereeing team:

“We need to be sure that we will be treated equally in every refereeing decision, given that this is a big final. We want to be treated correctly in tomorrow’s final,” Pochettino began and then added:

“When we played at Anfield, no key decision went in our favor. Two penalties weren’t awarded to us. Duels that were 50-50, each went in Liverpool’s favor,” said the Argentine.

The former Tottenham and PSG coach emphasized that Liverpool is a great team and that he doesn’t want to diminish their strength but wants equality tomorrow.

“I’m always the first one to say that Liverpool is a fantastic team and that Klopp is one of the best coaches, but after my last experience there, I just want us to play at Wembley under the same criteria, and may the better team win,” concluded Pochettino.

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