PEP GUARDIOLA: I am angry with my players… because they did not invite me to dinner 

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola rejected allegations that three players of his team were drunk on a night out and joked that he would punish them because they did not invite him to the party.

Footage of City footballers Jack Grealish, Kyle Walker, and Riyad Mahrez on a night out in Manchester appeared on social networks over the weekend, and Guardiola joked that he was annoyed that he was not invited, Sky reported.

One video claims that Grealish was banned from entering one bar because he was “too drunk”, but Guardiola said that the behavior of his football players was “perfect”.

Guardiola criticized Grealish and Phil Foden when they were filmed in a night out after the 7-0 victory against Leeds in December, but now he said that the three players did not hide anything when they went to dinner with members of the professional staff.

“I am so upset that they didn’t invite me, I don’t like that. I hope they call me next time. That video did not show what exactly happened. “Dinner together, they were sober, they enjoyed it with their teammates and some members of the professional staff,” said Guardiola.

“Players know how to take risks when they go out because there are social networks, but they were all perfect. But, they will be punished because they did not invite me “, added the Spanish coach.

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