Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, with the captain’s armband in the League of Nations, led his team to the finals, where they were stopped by the Spanish team after a penalty shootout.

After France and Portugal, Spain became the third winner of this competition, while Croatia missed the chance to win the first trophy in history.

In the Croatian national team, Luka Modric is particularly sad, who, at the age of 37 could end his national team career.

After the game, however, he did not want to reveal whether this was the last game for his country.

“I have decided whether I will play for Croatia in the future, but I will not talk about it now,” said Modric after the match.

After the match, the journalists of the Spanish “Marca” reported that the match in Rotterdam was almost certainly the last in the national team’s jersey.

“His face after the game and the fact that he saves the moment for announcing his decision, indicate that he may have finished playing for the Croatian national team in Rotterdam after 17 years,” writes “Marca”.

He has been playing in the national team jersey since 2006 and has played 166 games and scored 24 goals.

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