MESSI: If I wasn't the world champion, I wouldn't be there anymore

Argentinian football player Lionel Messi arrived at Inter from Miami, with whom he will start preparations for the new season in the coming days, and then play the first official match already on July 21.

Before the start of preparations with the team, he answered the questions of journalists who touched on his representative career and when it will end, but Messi said that he does not think much about it, but that the end is surely approaching if you take into account his age.

“Logically, due to age, it will be in a short time, but I don’t know exactly when that moment will be. I just think about it day by day, and I enjoy everything that we are going through. I think it will happen when it needs to, after everything we’ve achieved lately, we just have to enjoy it and, as I’ve always said, God will tell when that moment will be.” Messi said.

On this occasion, Messi also told how the World Cup in Qatar was very difficult for him and his family.

“If I wasn’t the world champion, I wouldn’t be there anymore. The national team is the best, but there were moments that were very bad for me. When I was the best in Barcelona, where I won championship titles, league titles, and individual awards, it was time to go to the national team, I suffered a lot then and so did my family.”

At the very end, the Argentine spoke about his decision to join the team from Miami.

“We are satisfied with the decision we made and we are eager to face a new challenge. My mentality and my head will not change and I will try, wherever I am to do my best for myself and for the club and to continue to perform at the highest level,” concluded Messi.

In Inter from Miami, he will earn between 50 and 60 million dollars a year, and his first match in the new club will be played on July 21 against the Mexican club Cruz Azul.

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