MANCINI IS STILL GRIEVING: This will be a difficult month for us!

Roberto Mancini, the coach of Italy, announced to the local media on the occasion of the World Cup that we would not be watching Italy this time!

The football public will be deprived of the current European champion in Qatar.

Let us remind you that the Azzurri suffered a painful defeat in the play-off for the World Cup against North Macedonia and were thus left without a place in one of the biggest sporting events.

As an experienced expert says, the consequences are still being felt.

This will be a difficult month for us. It has only just begun. We feel bitter at the moment, but games must be played. I’ve been feeling sick since March. We deserved to go to the World Cup, but we missed our chance. That’s football; after great happiness comes great disappointment, and we can’t do anything about it. “WC without Italy is different,” Mancini said.

The Italians will play a friendly match with Albania during the break, where they will have the opportunity to try new players for future challenges.

We have to see new players and try some new tactics. We are happy that Federico Chiesa is back. “He has to get back in shape, but he is good,” added Mancini.

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