Jurgen Klopp: City would be champion in February if Liverpool doesn't exist

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes that only Manchester City can match his team.
“This is the strongest league in the world, no doubt. It’s a challenge and we actually enjoy it. If we weren’t here this season or if we weren’t here two years ago or three years ago, then City would be champions in February. It’s tight because we’re here. City were not there, I think we would have a good chance of being champions,” said Jurgen, as reported by Sky.

Klopp said that City is, without a doubt, the strongest opponent he had.

“I can say that City is the strongest opponent I have, but I should not forget that I also played against Pep against Bayern and I cannot say that it was much easier. But I know what he means. We are pushing each other to a crazy level in recent years, with the number of points we are winning,” said Jurgen Klopp.

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