A PROTEST IS PREPARED AT THE WORLD CUP DUE TO FIFA'S DECISION: Kane and Bale are not giving up, and Van Dijk is afraid of a yellow card!

FIFA has decided to ban the wearing of the captain’s armband, which promotes LGBT rights, at World Cup matches. Instead of the “One Love” tape, the officials of the world house of football came up with the idea of ​​writing more messages on the tape, not one of which is related to LGBT rights.

Because of such a decision, they rebelled in the camp of England, Denmark, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland.

England is playing a match against Iran today, and the leaders of their association talked to people from FIFA about the consequences of wearing the “banned” strip, Harry Kane revealed to the press.

We clearly said that we want to wear that captain’s armband. I know that the football association is now talking to FIFA and I am sure that we will have that decision before the start of the game – said the captain of England.

Manuel Neuer briefly confirmed that he will wear the mentioned strip, and his colleague from the Netherlands camp was more detailed.

I will wear “One Love” around my arm against Senegal. Nothing changes in that, but if at the beginning of the match I got a yellow card because of it, I would have to think. I don’t like to play when I have a yellow card – said the captain of the Netherlands.

Wales managed to qualify for the World Cup after many years, and their captain, Gareth Bale, also stuck to his original decision.

– It is a difficult topic for us as footballers, but we can point out some problems. We have spoken to the Football Association, they have spoken to the Welsh Government, who are in talks with FIFA and the Government of Qatar. The national team is one hundred percent behind that decision and we will do everything to raise awareness about this topic – he emphasized.

The captain of Denmark also spoke about this topic.

We stand for our values ​​and as a team we will wear “One Love” captain’s armbands. I don’t know what the consequences will be, we will see, but regardless we will play football and we want to play football. That is our focus – said, Christian Eriksen.

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