Fernandes: This is not the time for the World Cup

Manchester United and Portugal national team player Bruno Fernandes is not satisfied with the timing of the World Cup in Qatar.

“This is not exactly the time when we want to play in the World Cup. This is not the best moment for either the players or the fans. Children will be at school, people will be at work, and the time to watch matches will not be the best,” said Bruno Fernandes and continued:

“We know what the situation is around the World Cup, what happened in the last few months. We know about the people who died during the construction of the stadium. We don’t like that at all. We want football to be for everyone, for everyone to be included in the World Cup because this is a planetary championship.”

At the WC, Portugal will be in Group H together with Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

“The World Cup is more than football, it is important for all people. It’s entertainment for fans and players, something that’s nice to watch, and it had to be organized in the best possible way,” emphasized Bruno Fernandes.

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