ERIK TEN HAG: When you score Bayern 3 goals, you have to at least stay undefeated

Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag summed up his impressions after the defeat in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League against the Bayern team at the Allianz Arena.

The Dutch coach is not satisfied with the fact that his team scored three goals and still remained without points.

“I’m disappointed. We should have stayed in the match. When you give Bayern three goals, you have to take at least a point. We are in a period when many things are against us. We have to earn our own happiness.” said Ten Hag.

As they say ‘the car went downhill’ when Andre Onana made a big mistake.

“It’s nice that he admitted it after the game. Mistakes are made, but we have to fight back as a team. If one player makes a mistake, that’s it, the story is over. We have to believe that as a team we can always fight back.” Ten Hag concluded.

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