CONMEBOL SAID: If the World Cup is for two years, then we won't participate!

The Football Federation of South America does not support the idea of FIFA for the two-year World Cup. CONMEBOL points out that their members will not perform at the World Cup, if there is a change.

The South American football federation made the decision, after the meeting in the Paraguayan city of Luka, the headquarters of the organization.

– There is no reason, benefit or justification for the change promoted by FIFA. Given that, the 10 countries that make up CONMEBOL confirm that they will not participate in the World Cup, which would be organized every two years – it is stated in the announcement of CONMEBOL.

It is further stated that South America remains of the opinion that it is best to hold the World Cup for four years.

– CONMEBOL supports the World Cup, which is currently in force, because it has proven to be a successful model that rewards hard work, talent and work – it is written in the announcement.

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