Bukari: The most beautiful goal in my life

Osman Bukari was the central figure of the 168th eternal derby because of his phenomenal goal for Red Star to take the lead in the first half.

Partizan equalized from the penalty spot in the second half when Natho set the final score.

The red-white forward revealed after the match that he had practiced such shots in training, but that he was not as precise as in Humska.

“I’m happy about the goal, but we didn’t win and that’s why I’m sad. The goal was nice, I practiced shots like this in training yesterday. Then the ball went over the goal, but now it was a perfect shot. I think this is the most beautiful goal in my life,” said Bukari.

He pointed out that he was satisfied with the derby, but that the team could do better.

“There are positive impressions when it comes to the derby, but I am sure that it will be even better when we are the hosts. I think we can do better than this, we need to act more as a team. The pressing was not good, we have to be better in that segment, but now we are going to rest and focus on the next match that awaits us at the weekend”, said Bukari.

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