Angel Correa needs urgent heart surgery

Correa, the winger of Atletico Madrid, announced on social media that he will undergo heart surgery on Monday.

As the club season is over, the players are going on a well-deserved vacation, but that does not apply to Angel Correa, who has to have heart surgery next week. Due to his health problems, he must not delay the intervention, Correa also responded to this story.

“On Monday, I am going to have surgery to repair the scar I have had since my first intervention in 2014. If you don’t remember, I was barely 18 and I went through hard times. I had heart surgery to fulfill my dream to play football. I’ll tell you something. The nurse who takes care of me whispered in my ear how I can be proud of the scars I have because they will be a signpost for my future life so that each of them can teach me something, both those on the skin and those on the heart, ”Correa said.

Angel is only 27 years old and has played for only two clubs in his career. He transferred from San Lorenzo in 2015 to Atletico Madrid for 10.5 million euros. He played 329 games for Atletico Madrid, scored 59 goals and recorded 53 assists.

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