ANCELOTTI: We have the quality to win!

Carlo Ancelotti, coach of the Real Madrid players, pointed out that they have the quality to win.

In the first match of the semi-finals of the Champions League, Real welcomes Manchester City on Tuesday.

“We are not preparing the match to stop only Haaland, but to stop the whole team that seems unstoppable. Haaland is a dangerous and impressive player, he is an obvious threat, but we must not forget about the rest of the team who are playing well,” Ancelotti said.

“I think we have the quality to play a balanced match and win. We are looking for a positive result tomorrow. But the decision will be made in Manchester, not tomorrow,” he added.

He also pointed out that his team has the quality to attack City and win.

“We have the quality to attack, but we have to be focused on defense as well. If we defend well, in the worst case it will be a draw. Last year we conceded five goals to City but gave them six. I would sign for the same result,” Ancelotti said.

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