Seven players book place in the Blackball World Championships 2024

The Malta Blackball Federation has just organized the third World Championship 2024 qualifying tournament. After the final matches of each category were played, seven more players came out and got a place with the Maltese national team.

In the men’s final, Leon Azzopardi beat Lydan Debono 10-8 in a very exciting and uncertain game until the end.

On the other hand, in the seniors 40 + final, Clint Grima overcame Chris Galea’s challenge so much that he won 10-7. In the over 50 Masters category, Antoine Aquilina overcame the tough challenge given by Chris Mills and won him 9-7.

In another interesting game John Lombardo won the Grandmasters 60+ final after defeating Joe Camilleri 8-6.

In the youth category, Steven Muscat won the Juniors final after a score of 9-6 against Nick Muscat while Daniel Vella easily defeated Owen Cassar 9-1 in the under 23 final.

Finally Ana Thomas got a place in the Maltese national women’s team after a positive score of 8-4 against Lorna Micallef.

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