Howard: Only one man can stop Jokic

Nikola Jokic demonstrated his class again when in last night’s match against the Lakers, he brought victory to Denver with another triple-double. This party did not escape Dwight Howard either.

Once one of the best basketball players in the NBA, today he plays in Taiwan.

With his recent statements, he made it clear to everyone that he thinks he belongs in the strongest league in the world, and that he wants the role that belonged to him during his best days.

However, in his dissatisfaction, he often overstates his statements.

It was the same this time. Howard was part of the Lakers who defeated Denver in the finals of the NBA League with a score of 4:1.

During the aforementioned series, Dwight was in charge of guarding Jokic, and judging by the team’s success, he was up to the task. This is exactly what made the former LA Lakers announce himself on his Twitter profile.

“Only one person can stop the Joker, and I’m not talking about Batman,” Howard commented.

As for the direct duel with Jokic, Somborac averaged 20 points, six rebounds, and five assists during this series, while Haurad averaged eight points and five rebounds.

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