Wimbledon punished Novak Djokovic!

Only 24 hours have passed since the Wimbledon final, which was announced urgently today due to the punishment of our tennis player – Novak Djokovic.

Namely, the second racket of the world was punished for breaking the racket during the final match with Carlos Alcaraz in the fifth set of the grand final.

Previously, Djokovic received a warning from referee Fergus Murphy, but when he continued to break and hit the racket, a penalty had to follow.

He will pay Nole exactly 6,117 pounds, or about 8,000 euros, for hitting the wooden part of the net with his racket and breaking it into pieces. At the same time, he damaged the very structure that held the net.

“There is nothing much to say about it. Frustration came from a missed opportunity, some tough points. The first was time overrun, but some things simply have to be accepted at some point,” Djokovic said about the controversial situation.

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