RUNE HONESTLY: I hate the GOAT theme!

For many years now, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have been battling it out over who will end up as the GOAT. Young Dane Holger Rune wanted to emphasize his vision of this great rivalry.

“I don’t think anything of it. To be honest, I hate the GOAT theme. It all comes down to who took the most titles, who has the most slams, and who was first for the longest time… I mean, all those guys are amazing. They achieved something in the making of history. This also pushes the young generation to achieve what is possible,” Holger began.

“Records are there to be broken. These guys made us work to take them down too. This bodes well for the future of tennis. The level of the game will rise even more.”

“I think that players like Federer, Novak, Nadal and Marrey have shown an extremely high level of tennis and that makes this young generation stronger as well.” I hope that we will continue like this, that we will raise the level even higher. I think it is possible.”

Rune believes that the young tennis players are on a great way to “finish” Nadal and Novak in the 2023 season.

“I honestly believe that. I am happy that they are still here, there is no doubt that they have set high standards.” – concluded Holger Rune.

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