Roddick gives advantage to Medvedev?

Andy Roddick, a former legendary tennis player, touched on the subject of Novak Djokovic and the US Open.

As is known, Djokovic has not been vaccinated, and for that reason he cannot travel to the USA.

-“We will not look at Novak unless the government changes its policy towards unvaccinated people entering the country.” – began Andy and continued:

–” It’s unfortunate that he can’t play. However, all this was certain, because he made a choice. I think we all deal with the consequences of our choices. The tournament would certainly be better with him, but again, I don’t know if it’s up to the USTA or the US Open to change the government’s policy. I think it’s ridiculous that someone would expect something like that from a tennis tournament.”

He touched on Roddick and who he thinks is the favorite at the last Grand Slam.

-” It is difficult to predict the winner of the tournament when we don’t have the draw yet. I think the safest bet is to put money on Daniil Medvedev, obviously because of what he did last year, and it’s been proven that he likes to play on hard courts. The big question mark is Rafa Nadal and his health, he had only one match after dropping out at Wimbledon. The tournaments that preceded the US Open had surprising winners, Borna Ćorić, who was ranked around 150th in the world, won Cincinnati. For the first time in a long time, there are more questions than clear answers,” Roddick concluded.

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