NADAL AGAIN ABOUT INJURY: New defeat, a new story about scars...

Rafael Nadal continues to struggle with injuries, although his return to the court in Cincinnati made us think that the problems were over.

Nadal recently withdrew from Wimbledon due to a muscle rupture, and then found himself in Cincinnati, where he was defeated by Borna Coric in the second round.

However, now he was talking about the injury again.

– In a way, it is difficult to analyze, because when you have a scar, then that line is very thin. When the scar doesn’t have any flexibility, you feel it, but you don’t know if you feel it because of that or because something is wrong, so you have to be careful at all times – said Nadal.

The impression is that he still has problems with his injury.

– I’ll probably go for some more tests to confirm everything is the way we want it to be, but that’s it, right? I am positive. I trained well for a week here, I did my best every day, and the training was getting better and better. In training, I was much better than today, to be honest – said the Spanish tennis player.

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