Unbelievable! "They want to capture and imprison Novak again"

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, regardless of the fact that he won the state of Australia in court, as things stand now, will be deported.
Journalist Ksenija Pavlovic-Mekatir pointed out on her Twitter account that she had heard from the father of the Serbian ace, Srdjan Djokovic, who confirmed that Novak had been arrested.

Novak’s brother Djordje also confirmed the news that the best tennis player in the world has been arrested.

  • “The judge made the right decision based on the facts and there was no reason for another court decision, but we get information that the Minister of the Interior is above the court. Djokovic has fallen into a serious political vortex, the people of Australia are unhappy, they have been locked up since the beginning of the pandemic and it is definitely politics, all the time it is. What we can do is that we all get involved and spread this news on social networks – Novak wants to be captured and imprisoned again. This is the latest information, we are currently consulting with the PR services on the next steps. He is now with the lawyers in the premises where they were during the trial and is currently looking at and considering options. ” Djordje Djokovic pointed out.

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