Carlos Alcaraz, winner of Wimbledon and the first racket of the world, gave an interesting interview to “Tyc Sports” and touched on Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

The young Spaniard made a real feat and after 10 years defeated the Serbian tennis player in the final.

Considering the victory he achieved, the question followed – has a new era in tennis begun? To which Alcaraz showed great respect for his rivals.

“I don’t feel like that, really. I believe that as long as Rafael Nadal and Djokovic fight for great things, as long as they play, there will be no change of generations. there will be no new era. We can talk about that debate in a few years, now is not the time”, said Carlitos.

He stated how important it is for great players to have a rivalry like Novak’s and Rafa’s.

“It is very important. To have someone there to fight with. Who are you fighting that battle with? It’s important to stay motivated. Right now I think I have it and I’m not afraid to say it: for me it’s Yannick Sinner at the moment. It’s a nice rivalry.”

When asked which is more difficult to win the US Open or Wimbledon, he chose the tournament in Great Britain.

“It’s a little more special to win Wimbledon. And because of the way I did it, beating Djokovic who was undefeated for 10 years on this Central Court, in the Cathedral of Tennis. Being a part of the history of this tournament makes it a little more special,” concluded Alcaraz.


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