US OPEN: No sleep tonight, who wants to watch Djokovic!

As everyone knows, the US Open is played in New York, so the time difference sometimes requires staying up late at night.

So tonight, fans of Novak Djokovic will have to stay awake after midnight.

The best Serbian tennis player will play his first match against Alexander Miller, and the duel is expected after midnight around 02:15 our time.

Djokovic is considered one of the biggest favorites, and he has already won two Grand Slams, he almost won the third, but Carlos Alcaraz “took” that trophy from him in the Wimbledon final.

If Đoković reaches his third and 24th Grand Slam trophy in total, he will set another record, and at the same time, he will also regain the number one spot on the ATP list, where Alcaraz is now.

Novak is the second tennis player on the planet, while Miller is the 85th player on the ATP list.

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