Medvedev: Novak is the biggest favorite there, there is not much to add…

Russian Daniil Medvedev sees Novak Djokovic as the only favorite at the Masters tournament in Paris.

Novak was better than Daniil at the previous Masters.

“Novak is the biggest favorite there, he has won the last few titles, there is nothing much to add here. There is also Rafa, and he can certainly reach the title, but we must not forget that he has never won here. I worked a lot with my team to be mentally fresh for the final tournaments, it wasn’t like that before, but the last three years it is,” Medvedev points out and adds:

After the title in Vienna, Medvedev left for Paris in a very good mood.

“At the end of the second and third set, I started having those ‘wow’ shots that Shapovalov had before. In the third set I was close to perfect, although I always want to be better. I’m happy about the title – the first tournament as a dad, and the trophy. It couldn’t have been better.”

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