Djokovic is clear: I'll make sure to kick their a**es as much as I'm able to do it

Novak Djokovic talked about the new generations coming into the “white sport”, so he had very interesting statements.

“First I have to say that I have a good relationship with everyone. I have great respect for every player, especially those who come to the highest tennis rankings, because I know what it takes to achieve that,” Novak began.

“I think it is very good for tennis that we have young guys like Alcaraz, the first tennis player in the world and champion of a Grand Slam, Rune, who is growing faster and faster, and of course there is Sinner,” says Djokovic.

“There are also those who are a bit older such as Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Rublev and Zverev, they have been in the Top 5, 10 in the world for some time, and they are also Grand Slam champions. I think it was inevitable that this would happen after 15 years of dominance by Nadal, Federer, me, Mari, Wawrinka and Del Potro. Those guys led the game and it’s normal that at some point the next generation comes along”, adds Novak.

Novak points out that he does not care about tennis.

“Many were worried about whether the game is in good hands and whether people will continue to watch tennis after the ‘golden era’, to call it that, but I have to remind you that the ‘golden era’ was also with Borg, McEnroe, Sampras , Agassi and Beker, and some new guys came after them. As impossible as it may seem to break the records we set, I believe it is really possible,” said the former number one.

However, Djokovic points out that he is still not leaving anything to chance.

“Alkaras definitely seems like someone who intends to dominate in the coming years. I think it’s good that we have new faces, but I’m not giving up. I’ll make sure to kick their ass as much as I can. They will do the same to me sometimes, but, I hope, less than I do to them,” concluded Novak Djokovic.

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