Medvedev's Tactical Play Unveiled: Distant Returns and a Clash with Hurkacz at Australian Open Quarterfinals

Daniil Medvedev delves into his strategic maneuvers away from the baseline as he gears up for the impending clash with Hubert Hurkacz in the Australian Open quarterfinals.

“I incorporate it sporadically. I remember doing it last time, against Sinner in Turin. I experiment with it. It’s a consistent approach for me. Occasionally, I make errors, like at the US Open against Novak, where I believed it would ‘work’,” Medvedev shared.

Executing his distinctive style of distant returns, Medvedev elaborated, “I march to my own beat, returning from a distance when I sense victory lies in that approach—breaking the opponent, securing my serve. If, at any point before or during the match, I perceive it’s not yielding results, I seek alternatives. The tournament will unfold, and we’ll see how effective it proves to be.”

Quizzed about the prominence of Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Novak Djokovic, Medvedev dismissed the notion. “I don’t believe so. Last year, we somewhat distanced ourselves from the rest, especially in terms of points. It’s gratifying to be part of that elite group, given their exceptional current form. I am well aware of my capabilities and the level at which I can play.”

Recalling his triumph at the US Open, Medvedev asserted, “I demonstrated it, primarily to myself, facing opponents with distinct styles. I emerged victorious. I am prepared. I aspire to showcase it on the court. Endless discussions about readiness and favoritism mean little; ultimately, you have to clinch the win,” affirmed Daniil Medvedev.

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