Djokovic: I was not alone, I had the support of my people from Serbia, the region

Although he had a very difficult year behind him, Novak Djokovic will end the 2022 season as the champion of the Masters tournament in Turin.

“Of course, I feel great satisfaction considering how my journey this year started with a bad experience in Australia and everything that happened there. That’s why this triumph is even greater, precisely because of what my team, family and I had to go through. However, I feel that I was not alone in all of this, I had the support of my people from Serbia, the region,” Djokovic began.

During the whole year, Novak did not have a clear schedule of tournaments, but even so, he managed to win five titles.

“It was only a matter of time before I found that balance and optimal strength in my game, in order to reach the peak of my form and play the best tennis possible. In the middle of the season, it started to happen and I won Wimbledon, I think I only lost one match after that. It was a great finish, I couldn’t imagine a better scenario. I am still very motivated to play at this level, I am happy that I will be able to play in Australia at my most successful Grand Slam. We’ll start from there,” Djokovic concluded.

We only have to watch Novak at the exhibition World Tennis Cup in Dubai in December.

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