Djokovic: Thanks for putting up with me, see you next year!

Novak Djokovic spoke after winning the tournament in Adelaide.

After an extremely exciting final against Sebastian Korda, Djokovic lifted the trophy in Adelaide, his 92nd in his career.

After the match, he stood in front of the microphone and addressed the audience.

Good evening everyone, I hope you enjoyed tonight. A few words to Seb and the team, congratulations, great effort and I have to say that you were closer to victory than me and you were unlucky, two balls decided everything. Just keep going because you’re a great player” said Djokovic and added:

“I would like to thank my team for putting up with me and tolerating me in good and bad times, it was not easy to work with me today and I thank them all for being here, I love you. It’s been an amazing week and you’ve made it even better and that’s a real gift for me. All of this is amazing, even the dedication I received, thank you for being with me at every match and supporting me. It definitely felt like I was playing at home and you made it from the bottom of my heart to make me feel welcome. It’s great that we had an aboriginal heir whose ancestors were here for thousands of years, thank you for passing on the history and culture of your people, and see you here next year”, Djokovic concluded.

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