ANOTHER STAR IS NOT PLAYING IN NEW YORK: Zverev is not playing at the US Open!

Certainly, the absence of the biggest star of world tennis, Novak Djokovic, will shake the US Open, which today faced another bad news. US open without Zverev!

Namely, the second tennis player in the world, Alexander Zverev, will not play at the US Open, which was officially confirmed by the organizers of the tournament, who waited for the German until the last moment.

In fact, Zverev was waiting to see if he would be able to recover enough from the wrist and ligament injury he suffered in the semi-finals of Roland Garros against Rafael Nadal.

However, the second tennis player on the ATP list failed to recover, which is why he will definitely lose the 720 points he earned by reaching the semi-finals last year.

This means that Zverev will have 5,040 points, which will definitely overtake Nadal (5,630) and Alkaras (5,190), and very likely Tsitsipas (4,890) and Rudd (4,695).

It is clear that the tournament in New York will be significantly weakened for Djokovic and Zverev and it is up to the organizers how they will increase the popularity of the competition, which is scheduled from August 29 to September 11.

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