Alcaraz: The best on the planet will not play in the Final ATP tournament!

The best tennis player on the planet, Carlos Alcaraz, has confirmed that he will not play in the final ATP tournament this season.

After he had to give up the duel due to injury during the match with Holger Rune at the tournament in Paris, he made the decision to retire.

“After withdrawing yesterday and consulting with the medical team, doctors Lopez Martinez and Juanjo Moreno, I can say that this is the diagnosis of my injury, an internal rupture of the muscles in the left abdominal wall, which requires a recovery of at least six weeks.”

-” Unfortunately, I will not be able to play at the ATP final. It is difficult and painful for me to miss these last two competitions, which are so important to me, but all I can do is to be positive and concentrate on recovery. Thank you for your support,” said Alcaraz, the best tennis player in the world.

The final tournament of the season is played in Turin, and is scheduled for November 13 to 20.

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