Alex Borg wins on second day at the World Snooker Championship

Today during the second day of the World Snooker Championship which is being held in Golem, Albania, Alex Borg again had another 3-0 convincing victory.

Borg’s opponent today, from Group C, was Cristian Surdea from Romania who found it difficult to overome the Maltese player although in the third frame he was in an advantage. Now Borg hasn’t lost a single frame in the first two games, today’s scores of the three frames were 75-17; 73-38; 62-43. From the same Group the Englishman Connor Benzey, same as Borg, has not lost a frame yet although one of his victories was achieved by a walk-over. It is most probable that the game between them on Tuesday will be the tussle for whoever wins this group.

Tomorrow Aaron Busuttil will be again in action where he plays his second game from Group A, this time, against the Belgian Pechenart Olivier who yesterday lost 3-0 against the Englishman, Chae Ross. From this group the player Muhammad Awais of Pakistan was confirmed that has withdrawn from the competition.

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