Emma Said shines at European Trials Championship in Piazzatorre 

The European Trials Championship held on May 25th and 26th, 2024, saw an extraordinary display of talent and tenacity from Emma Said of Malta. Competing in the Women International Class, Emma, just 13 years old, went head-to-head with riders aged 16 to 18, showcasing exceptional skill and determination in challenging conditions.

The competition, set in the picturesque yet demanding terrain of Piazzatorre, was further complicated by inclement weather, turning the already rough sections into a tough challenge. Despite these hurdles, Emma delivered a performance that belied her age and experience.

Saturday’s competition was challenging, with Emma tackling 12 sections in the morning round and another 12 in the afternoon. The day took a dramatic turn when Emma’s minder, Shaun Said, sustained an injury during Round 1. This unexpected setback made the remainder of the day exceptionally challenging. However, both Emma and Shaun demonstrated remarkable resilience and commitment, pushing through the adversity. Their efforts culminated in Emma securing a commendable third place by the end of the day.

Sunday brought a new set of challenges. With Shaun unable to continue due to his injury, José Bacchetta stepped in as Emma’s minder. Despite the last-minute change, Emma once again navigated the tough sections with determination. Her efforts on Sunday mirrored those of the previous day, earning her another third-place finish.

This championship marked Emma’s first participation at such a high level of competition, making her double podium finishes all the more impressive. Her ability to compete and excel under such challenging circumstances speaks volumes about her potential and fortitude.

Emma’s achievements over the weekend are a testament to her talent and hard work. Her performances in Piazzatorre not only earned her recognition but also set a high bar for future competitions. Special praise is due to Shaun Said, whose resilience and determination, despite his injury, played a crucial role in Emma’s success. Additionally, gratitude is extended to José Bacchetta for stepping in and providing the support necessary for Emma to compete on Sunday.

Congratulations to Emma Said for her outstanding achievements. Her spirit and skill promise a bright future in the sport of trials riding.

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