Verstappen: I deserved to secure the title a long time ago, Mercedes wants to reduce my title!

As a clear message to rivals from Mercedes, the Dutchman will drive a Red Bull car.

The previous title in the race in Abu Dhabi was won by Max Verstappen.

In an interview with “De Telegraaf”, he said that Mercedes’ complaints did not diminish his feelings.

A losing team will always try to take away a little of the shine of winning another. But from the side of the winner, the feeling remains the same, “said Verstappen, emphasizing that he is upset that his title is also called happy.

“The championship is won throughout the season, not by a decision in the last race. Anyone who watched only the last race might think I was lucky. But I deserved to secure the title a long time ago. Once due to another driver’s mistake, and once due to my tire burst in Baku. “

The Dutchman pointed out a small problem regarding nutrition that needs to be solved.

At the beginning of the year, I looked in the mirror and thought that, even if I like good food, it is time to get back in shape. I gained four kilograms, but I got myself in order, “he said.

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