WAYNE ROONEY: United must find a way to stop City

The former striker of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, believes that the “red devils” can win the trophy in the FA Cup.

United will play for the trophy in the oldest football competition in the world against City on June 3 at Wembley.

Runi believes that the recipe for success against the “citizens” is a defensive game.

Okay, it’s not easy to attack City, but it’s even more difficult if you defend with 10 players behind the ball. I wouldn’t recommend it to Ten Hague, I would try the idea that Jose Mourinho had in his first term at Chelsea,” said Rooney.

Mourinho had a similar tactic when he was leading United.

At that time, Joe Cole, Arjen Robben and Demian Duff had a clear position in the half of the field and were waiting for the defenders to reach the ball and pass it to them. Then the counterattack was murderous and gave a result. Now United could do that with Marcus Rashford and Antonio Martial… If two such players are constantly standing tall and waiting for the ball – I think it would make Pep Guardiola and City wonder,” said Wayne Rooney.

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