VAN BASTEN AFTER DERBY INTERRUPTION: Empty stadiums are not an option, let it be 5-0 for Feyenoord!

The legendary Ajax footballer Marco van Basten, after the “De Klassieker”, which ended with an interruption in the 55th minute when the Feyenoord footballers were in the lead at the “Amsterdam Arena” with a score of 3:0, emphasized that the local association must prevent riots.

Feyenoord already had a 3:0 advantage in the first half, but after two short breaks, the derby was stopped in the 55th minute after the local fans went wild and threw torches onto the field.

“I have no solution. I wonder if professional football should be stopped in the Netherlands. If only the riots would stop. Yes, I mean it, because every time something happens. This was a deliberate action. People do it on purpose. Now the competition, the most important in the Netherlands, is over. That’s just not right. If we can’t behave normally in stadiums, maybe we should just stop doing it. Obviously, it is not possible otherwise. No, empty stadiums are not an option, we have seen that it has nothing to do with football in the time of the corona,” said Van Basten.

Feyenoord had the initiative on the field and they are not satisfied with the official result ending this match, which they secured after the 37th minute of the game.

“If preventing riots is so important, then politicians should really make an issue out of this.” It’s all madness. This should simply be 0-3 to Feyenoord, although they will say they could have scored a few more goals. That’s also fine, then let it be 0:5″, Van Basten added.

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