Russia in Asia? Here's what UEFA has to say about it

There were earlier national teams that “transitioned” from continent to continent. Let’s say Australia (from Oceania to Asia), then Kazakhstan and Israel (from Asia to Europe), but if Russia decides to take that step, it would seriously reverberate.

There are increasingly loud announcements that the national teams of Russia and football players from the Premier League there could compete in Asia starting next season.

That announcement also reached UEFA, which made an announcement on the matter, and it is an understatement to say that it does not look favorably on the announced change.

Regardless of the current situation, the European Football Union does not want Russia to withdraw its membership from the organization. UEFA is ready for the variant, as soon as the geopolitical situation allows, to reintegrate Russian football into its fold. It would be a serious blow for UEFA if Russia withdrew“, according to Russian media from a source in Nyon.

And that it is not just an empty story is also shown by the first move of the European football house for the day when the sanctions fall. It has been agreed that the first international tournament of junior categories will be held in Volgograd, and it is already scheduled for May next year.

Obviously, Ceferin and his advisers are doing everything to ensure that Russia remains under the auspices of Europe…

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